Friday, August 20, 2010

I saw the best sunrise ever this morning, I was alone and driving the car, just reaching the top of the harbour bridge at 6.50am. What made it memorable was that I couldn't look at it! What I did see were amazingly subtle colours, not the harsh oranges and yellows but pastels. The clouds were varied (whispy, horses tails, six-packs, striated, fluffly balls, heavy and impenetrable ) and at different elevations - with the light coming through to define these and give them space and a place of their own. All having their moment of glory when tinged with gold on their edges. Then there was Rangitoto, dividing the sea and the sky, making the sea an even softer mirror of the sky colours. This was gone in a moment, I even contemplated stopping where the old toll booths were, but it had gone by then. This is a sea dollar at Narrow Neck beach, just before it rained.

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