Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 17 Stone Buildings. Martin stopped the car for me to take a photo of this ruined building. We were exploring with no set destination when we came across these ruins on the edge of the city. Taken a while ago with the cannon power shot early in the morning.
Tomorrow will be the second anniversary for this blog. I have been waffling around waiting for February to start and hoping that magic will occur. I need to have some expectations. Write down some goals, make some plans, not forgetting the dreams either.
I would like to build up to a regular walking schedule and slowly increase my fitness. I would like to scorn food and drive slowly past KFC without indicating I am turning in. I would like to have clean bathrooms, the floors free of dust, toilet bowls white, hand basins with no toothpaste lumps, splashes of dirty soap, or manky plugholes. Fresh flowers inside, polished furniture, carpets smooth, walkway leaf free and someone in to do the windows.
Creative goals: more printmaking, regular journal entries, better photography, and finish Sarah's picture.
A dream is to build a new house.
In a nutshell, be better at my job, be more creative and have a better lifestyle.

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