Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Something had to happen, and soon because the groundwork I'd done on understanding my camera was fading away. The notes, the lessons, the instruction book, all were like a foreign language. Diane and I decided to see if we could get back into some sort of routine and today we started. Six photos of the same thing and I chose shadows. We had spent the morning inside trying to sketch heads in the Brick by Brick Cafe and finished photographing around the area outside.

The first one is taken through the holes in the back of the chair, looking down at the table pedestal, second is the sun shining through the chair holes onto the wall. The next is the sun on the wall, dappled light echoing the circles. Forth is other holes in the chair and five is a line or strip of light again echoing on the wall and then a closer look at the holes in the chair.


Di said...

Very cool - you've certainly got a handle on photography again. I think mine will be 6 different shadows.

Hillary said...

I took more than six photos and these ones just seemed to fit together, thanks for the comment.