Friday, August 31, 2012


I was filled with apprehension and almost a reluctance to start this new project called 100 Strangers. Diane and I wandered round the International Airport looking for suitable people to approach. Diane soon saw several people she would like to talk to but you had to be quick, and when one stayed still for a moment she was a natural interviewer. Later on when we needed a coffee break and my score was still zero I saw this couple several tables away and with my heart in my mouth I went and said 'excuse me' and introduced myself. Michele was very easy to talk to and showed an interest in the project and my camera, so much so it was only later when I started breathing properly again that I realised that I had asked hardly any questions.  I think she looks reflective and sad at this moment.

Saturday 10th November 2012.
Post Script. I have abandoned this project, after giving it a brief trial. Continuing for sometime to approach strangers and take photographs I never gained the confidence or familiarity  with the subject matter. I found that it was not that I  was not interested in the process of discovery more that I was not interested in the end result. Perhaps an area that one day I might have the maturity to look at again.

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